Surgery & Out Patient Treatments

Bill’s operating lists at The Three Shires Hospital are scheduled for Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons. Occasional lists will run at other times and, in addition, at The Woodlands Hospital in Kettering.

Any hospital admission will be coordinated by Bill’s Office team, and the Hospital’s Booking Office. You will be provided with written instructions concerning admission time and starving details.

It is sometimes necessary for patients to undergo a Pre-Operative Assessment by an Anaesthetist or a Nurse if there are any medical issues needing assessment.

During your stay you will be looked after by a multi-disciplinary team comprising nurses, physiotherapists, and anaesthetists while remaining under the care of Prof Ribbans. You will be seen before surgery by Bill and his Anaesthetic colleague. Your post-operative in-patient care will be coordinated by Prof Ribbans.

Following discharge, Bill’s office will organize follow-up visits and liaise with you over other appointments such as Physiotherapy.

Out Patient Treatments

A number of treatments can be offered at The County Clinic including:

    • Injections
    • Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Therapy
    • Application of casts and removable splints
    • Post-operative care of wounds

Patient Information Sheets