Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is one of our newest medical specialities in the UK – only properly established in the mid-2000s. As increasing numbers of our population take to exercise as a regular part of their lives, inevitably and unfortunately some will break down with injury and illness. Often seemingly simple problems such as “tennis elbow” or a “torn hamstring” can have underlying causes such as faulty technique and poor mechanics. Equally a repetitive proneness to injury may be a symptom of underlying, albeit often subtle, medical issues, e.g. nutritional or hormonal.

The background science to sports-related problems has become increasingly sophisticated, for instance, Professor Ribbans is part of an international group studying the effect of genetic inheritance on injury susceptibility. We have built up over the decades a close group of like-minded senior clinicians locally, nationally and internationally to provide exchange of information and ideas and help to put our athlete – whether they be an Olympic Gold Medallist or “weekend warrior” –back “on track”.